Animal Control


If you can't adopt a pet, purchase a T-shirt to help support CVAC! Available at City Hall!

Cherokee Village Animal Control is a city-run facility that handles animals within the city limits of Cherokee Village and Ozark Acres. We strive to provide caring, competent, and professional assistance to the animals and community.
Our facility relies heavily on volunteers and community service workers for staffing. We make every effort to find homes for the animals.  
If your pet goes missing- call us immediately. Animals are held for re-claim for only 5 days, and then they are placed for adoption. CVAC holds frequent adoption events.


Bathe, dip, and groom dogs. Feed and water animals. Train dogs to walk on leash. Play with animals to get them socialized and rehabilitated. Leash train & socialize dogs. Advertise animals on the internet. Transport animals to the vet or to new homes. Help with fund raising and adoption events. FOSTER dogs and cats.

1 or 2 persons to assist in cleaning the cat facility: a long term commitment of 2.5 hours per day only 2 days a week. The ability to lift and bend is required and you must LOVE cats!

CVAC needs:
Collars & leashes.
Food (dog or cat) (wet or dry)
Towels, blankets, small rugs
Crates, cages, pens, and carriers of all sizes.
Bowls for food & water.
Plastic storage bins (for food and other supplies)
Paper towels, toilet tissue, kitchen size trash bags.
Cat litter/ cat boxes / cat toys.
Cleaning items, laundry soap, dish soap, bleach & Mr. Clean.
Flea/tick products (dips, shampoos, conditioners)
Five gallon buckets.
Monetary donations.
2 liter plastic bottles.
Fly Strips
Kiddy pools.
Items can be dropped off during regular CVAC hours or at our "Doghouse" in town center. All proceeds go to help the animals and our community.

Ariel Housmann – Animal Control Officer

1531 Hwy 289 North Cherokee Village, Arkansas 72529 870-994-4445
Hours: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 8:00 am- 3:00 pm, 8-12 Saturday , Closed Sunday.
(viewing of animals for adoption may be made by appointment after hours Monday through Saturday)
After Hours Emergencies, please call CVPD at 870-257-5225

Surrender service:

If you are  in a position where you can not keep your pet and you live in Cherokee Village or Ozark Acres, for a fee you can surrender your pet to the Animal Control Center.  You must call and make an appointment first.  We do, however, encourage you to find a new owner by placing ads in the local paper, on bulletin boards found at feed stores and shopping centers, etc., as the Animal Control Center is limited on space. If you decide to surrender your pet, a $50 fee is required at time of drop off. 

Please do not drop your pet off at the Animal Control Center without an appointment!


Just FYI:
If you live in the city limits of Cherokee Village, your dogs must have rabies tags and city tags on at all times. This is a city ordinance and it helps Animal Control return dogs to their homes safely.

To obtain the city license, a current rabies vaccination certificate issued from the licensed veterinarian should be presented to the Cherokee Village City Hall at:

2 Santee Drive
P. O. Box 129
Cherokee Village, AR 72529
870-257-5524 (fax)