Cherokee Village District Court

Sharp County District Court
Cherokee Village

#2 Santee Drive
P. O. Box 129
Cherokee Village, AR 72529


Monday - Friday
8:00 am- 4:00 pm

Court: 3rd Friday of each month (except Dec.)
Starts at 9:00 AM

Located in City Hall
Cherokee Village Town Center


The District Court in Cherokee Village has jurisdiction within the territorial limits of the City of Cherokee Village, Arkansas (including both Sharp and Fulton counties).

The Court exercises jurisdiction over traffic violations, misdemeanor criminal cases, and violations of city ordinances. All cases decided in District Court are subject to appeal de novo to Circuit Court.

If you have any questions concerning your fine or court date, contact the Cherokee Village City Hall and ask to speak to a Court Clerk.

 The District Judge is Mark Johnson, an elected official with a four year term of office.


2423-A Hwy 62/412
P. O. Box 2
Ash Flat, AR  72513
Phone: 870-856-3211
Fax: 870-856-3212




Deputy Prosecuting Attorney

The Deputy Prosecuting Attorney is Joseph Grider.

P. O. Box 249
Pocahontas, AR  72455
Phone: 870-892-2521
Fax: 870-892-7953


Court Clerk

The District Court Clerk is Sandy Elliott and Dora Lee Schaffert is a volunteer Deputy Clerk.