Fire Department

The Cherokee Village Fire Department consists of Fire Chief Johnny Pendarvis, 15 full time, and 16 volunteer firefighters. Maintaining four stations, Cherokee Village is a Class 6 ISO rated city. Cherokee Village consists of 20.8 square miles, a permanent population of 4,671, many vacationers & weekenders. Since 2005, Cherokee Village has been recognized as a Fire wise/USA Community.

CVFD participates in the “Fill the Boot Program” in support of the Muscular Dystrophy Association, & is also very active in fire prevention programs in our local schools and community wide organizations.   The fire department also provides free home and flue inspections for city residents, and inspects local schools and commercial structures.

The  Cherokee Village Fire Department shall treat every individual with respect, dignity and the highest degree of professionalism. We shall discharge the duties we are sworn to uphold without fail. We shall not judge the people we protect of their actions. We shall make the best possible decisions based on our experience, education, and training.   We shall assist our citizens in a safe and expeditious manner.   We shall work hard to make our job safer for the firefighters and the community safer for our citizens. We will bediligent public servants and uphold the laws and Constitution of the United States of America, the State of Arkansas and Cherokee Village.   We shall be role models to our children and the children of our community; we shall teach fire and life safety, and be educators.   We shall take every citizen's question, problem, or emergency, no matter how large or small, seriously, and with the up-most regard to quickly help them solve the problem, emergency, or question.   We shall do our best to see that within the limits of our capabilities, we are "The" department our citizens look to in times of crisis when no one else can help.