Cherokee Village Urban Deer Hunt


Arkansas Game and Fish Commission: Urban Deer Hunt Protocol

To provide a framework for municipalities attempting to address urban deer issues, namely human/ deer conflicts, by utilizing archery hunting. This will be accomplished by establishing a partnership between the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC), the Arkansas Bowhunters Association (ABA), and the city.

Time Frame:
All urban deer hunts will open the first Saturday in September and close January 31st.
All hunters are required to:

  • Pass the International Bowhunter Education Course.
  • Attend an urban hunt orientation; after attending the orientation, hunters will be eligible to hunt all the urban deer hunts for that year.
  • Pass a shooting proficiency test.
  • Pay annual confirmation fee, which includes membership in the ABA for liability insurance purposes.
  • Possess a valid Arkansas (resident or nonresident) big game license. Hunters must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Possess a valid Urban Bow hunting Permit (issued by AGFC). Permit will be valid for all the urban deer hunts for that year.
  • Hunter will be provided a vehicle placard that must be signed by a representative from each municipality that he/she wishes to hunt.
  • Display placard in full view on the dashboard of their vehicle and carry the approved permit at all times while hunting.
  • Use a longbow, recurve or compound with at least a 35-pound pull and broad heads at least 7/8-inch wide (mechanicals OK); string-locks are not permitted.
  • Hunt in designated areas, and if hunting on private property, hunters must possess written permission from the property owner.
  • Hunt at least 50 yards from designated trails or parks.
  • Hunt at least 50 yards from any occupied dwelling without written permission.
  • Keep all bows cased to and from stands.
  • Shoot from stands that are at least 10 feet above the ground (no walking, stalking or ground blinds).
  • Cover harvested animals from sight before transporting/ moving from the field.
  • Remove harvested animals during daylight hours if at all possible.
  • Special considerations will be made for disabled hunters in wheelchairs.
  • Donate first deer to Arkansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry (a 501C-3 charitable organization).
  • ¬†Using the correct Urban Deer Zone number check deer online at or by telephone toll-free at 866-305-0808.

Deer Bag Limit:
No bag limit. The first deer taken must be a doe, and must be donated to Arkansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry; all subsequent deer harvested may be either-sex. Deer are considered bonus deer and do not count in the hunter’s seasonal bag limit. No antler restrictions.

Hunter Orientation:
Officials from the AGFC, ABA, and participating municipalities will attend and oversee each hunter orientation. Scheduled activities for each orientation will include: shooting proficiency tests, payment for annual confirmation fee, review of hunt rules, and distribution of permits and dash placards.