Fire Department Locations

Cherokee Village consists of 23 square miles of Urban/Wild land interface, with a permanent population of 4,648, and many vacation and week-end residents. Cherokee Village is a Class 5 ISO rated city.

The Cherokee Village Fire Department maintains four stations: BaseHeart Station, Wakita Station, Omaha Station and Onaga Station.

We have been recognized as a Fire wise/USA Community, achieving this goal in 2005.

We are also very active in fire prevention programs in our local schools and community wide organizations. The fire department also provides free home and flue inspections for city residents, and inspects local schools and commercial structures. 

The Cherokee Village Fire Department was first established as a volunteer department in 1961. In 1974, Cherokee Village Fire Department became a full time, combination volunteer and paid fire department, building three stations to service the village. They were Baseheart, Omaha station, and Waketa Station. In 1999, Onaga station was built to better service the growing area around the South Golf Course.

CVFD is dispatched trough Central Dispatch located in the Sharp County Sheriff’s Complex. CVFD’s Baseheart station also houses an encoder that enables personnel at Baseheart to page stations or personnel. Baseheart is also capable of being a backup for Central Dispatch in the event of an emergency.

CVFD has mutual aid agreements with surrounding fire departments, and when called will respond with an Engine and personnel from Waketa station. CVFD also responds with water rescue and dive teams when called. 


Baseheart Fire Station #1

Baseheart Fire Station (#1) is located at #1 Baseheart Road, and is the main station for Cherokee Village.  Baseheart was built in 1974 and houses Engine #4, Rescue #1 and Rescue #2.  The administration department and Fire Chief, operate out of Baseheart.



Omaha Station #2 



Omaha Fire Station (#2) is located at #5 Pottawattamie Road and was built in 1974 and houses Engine #2, and Engine #3.



Waketa Station #3

 (#3)  Waketa station, like Baseheart,  was  also built in 1974. It is located at #79 west Waketa Dr. Waketa houses Engine #5 and Brush Truck #9.  Waketa station is also the mutual aid station for the CVFD.




Onaga Station #4

(#4)  Onaga station was built in 1999 on property deeded from Daggett Development Corp. Onaga station was constructed by fire department personnel.  Onaga station houses Engine #1 and Brush Truck #10.