Planning Commission Agenda


July 10, 2017 1 P.M.


                      -Southern Pines Realty and Ms. Teresa Chastain are requesting a setback variance, to allow their existing car port to remain where it is, located just over the 25 foot setback line.
                       -Mr. Bill Matselboba would like a variance to allow for his 12 x 20 storage shed to be placed on his property at 46 Nokonda Road.
                       -Mr. Johnny Bell, who lives at 26 Canada Dr. in the Santa Fe Edition, would like a variance to purchase an 8’ x 40’ steel container to use as a storage shed at his home.

         Planning Meeting
1.   Douglas MacArthur – Call meeting to order – roll call.
2.  Douglas MacArthur - Approve minutes from June 5, 2017 Planning Commissioners meeting.
3.  Discuss the revised By Laws from the June meeting.
4.  Report on Building Inspections.
5.  Time for Public to Speak (3 minutes)