Information for New Residents


Welcome to Cherokee Village, the Ozarks hidden jewel!!


The only items you are allowed to burn are yard waste (leaves & tree limbs). This is in accordance with the EPA.

Please contact the CVFD at 870-257-2304 and inform them of them of your intent to burn yard waste, they can also advise you of burn ban status or click here.


There are eight (8) alderman who serve the city-two from each ward. Meetings are the third Thursday of each month unless otherwise announced and begin at 6:30.


Residents are only allowed four (4) per year, restricted to three (3) days in duration.

It shall be unlawful for any person to conduct such home sale in a place or in a manner which blocks or obstructs vehicular traffic.

Signs shall not be posted until the morning of the sale and removed the final day.


Grass may be no higher than ten (10) inches. No parking on lawns. No trash or bags of garbage. No building supplies, car parts or miscellaneous debris.


All pets must be vaccinated yearly for rabies and yearly city tag. If the pet has been spayed/neutered the fee is $10 if not the fee is $15. The city tags can be purchased at City Hall.

When the pet is outside the home, it is to be confined or controlled so as not to be at large.


Before beginning any time of remodeling please call City Hall at 870-257-5522 to ask if a permit is required for the project you are considering.

Septic Plats are located in Planning & Zoning for $5.00.

You are allowed to have two recreational vehicles parked outside a garage or carport, on a prepared surface as close to the residence as possible.

Vehicle parking is not allowed on the lawn.

Carports are to be used for vehicle storage, cannot be built of metal.

No appliances outside of the residence.

Only one storage building per residence. Can not be constructed of metal and limited to 12' x 16' wood.

Fences require a permit - a fence in the front shall be open weave or picket type and not exceed four (4) feet. privacy fences are for the back/ side of property only and can be six (6) feet. All fences must be six (6) inches off the property line.


All such vehicles shall bear a current license and/or registration sticker.

Recreational vehicles can not exceed forty (40) feet in body length or exceed thirteen (13) feet in height excluding air conditioning equipment and be parked on public streets.

Temporary parking of RV's will be permitted adjacent to the street up to 72 hours for visitor or owners who are either loading for or unloading from a trip.

Stored RV's shall not be used as living quarters but may be used for temporary quarters for visitors for not more than 72 hours.


Recycling is Wednesday in the parking lot at Town Center (#2 Santee Dr- City Hall) from 8 am to 11am. Each month volunteers are from different community groups.


In accordance with city Ordinance , if you are purchasing a home to use as a rental unit, it must be registered with the city. The registration fee is $50 and the home will be inspected for any safety hazards.

If you are looking to rent a residence for out of town company there are several real estate companies who have rentals for short term or long term.


If residents want trash service, subscribe by calling IESI -Progressive Waste Solutions at 870-994-7000. Trash receptacles can be place at the street the evening before pick-up and must be removed the evening of the pick-up.

If you are a weekend or holiday resident you may purchase a Trash Card at City Hall for $65 per year and this will give you access to a city dumpster.