Street Department


The purpose of the City of Cherokee Village Street Department is to provide timely, courteous, and efficient services to enhance the quality of life for all citizens of Cherokee Village through effective and responsible use of designated funds, personnel, and equipment.
The Street Department is responsible for maintaining and repairing approximately 300 miles of roads and streets in Cherokee Village*.
Projects also include 
•Maintaining the drainage system, includes cleaning and maintaining street culverts, inlets, ditches, etc, and installation of street pipes and culverts. 
•Mowing the rights-of-way and trimming/removing trees and clearing brush from intersections and roadsides (resident debris pickup is not a service offered).
 •Patching pot holes to street. 
•Removing snow from the streets. 
•Installing and maintaining directional street signs and street markers.Iroquois Dr (ARK 175), Cherokee Rd (ARK 175), and Mandan Rd (Hwy 289) are maintained by the Sharp County Road Department (870- 994-7338) and the Fulton County Road Department (870-895-3297). Any problems or concerns would need to be addressed with their respective departments.
If you need to report a problem to the Street Department, call CVSD during business hours (Monday-Friday 7 am to 3:30 pm) 870-257-3655.
                             #10 Tekakwitha Dr.
                       Cherokee Village, AR 72529
                            Phone: 870-257-3655
                              Fax: 870-257-5524